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The Tax area at GTLawyers is qualified to meet the needs of customers related to taxes levied by the Union, States and Municipalities throughout Brazil, among which the following stand out:

  • Tax consultancy involving compliance with tax legislation, in particular the calculation of taxes, compensation and presentation and filling of books, documents and tax statements;

  • Tax planning in corporate reorganization, M&A and borrowing operations;

  • Tax planning in international (import and export of goods and services) and internal structures, involving the flow of products and services;

  • Tax due diligence and analysis of adherence to accessory obligations handed over to tax authorities;

  • Obtaining special tax regimes for taxation, tax benefits, installments and ex-tariffs;

  • Administrative-tax litigation in administrative courts of all spheres, aiming to defend taxpayers in tax assessments;

  • Judicial litigation involving tax matters, including before the Superior Courts;

  • Assistance to individuals in structures for asset reorganization and legalization of resources.


advogados franco-brasileiros

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