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The GTLawyers Labor Team has a strong presence in labor consultancy, judicial and administrative litigation and union business advice. The legal advice provided by GTLawyers takes into account trends, jurisprudential position and the way in which the unions operate (in the most diverse economic sectors), so that their clients have a comprehensive and up-to-date view for decision-making.


In recent years, our Labor Team has participated directly in some of the largest transactions in the world, with multi-billion dollar amounts, involving operations in the pharmaceutical, energy and banking sectors, both representing buyers / investors and sellers.


Among the services we provide, we highlight our legal practice in a wide variety of activities, such as:


Labor Advisory and Union Relations


  • Elaboration of legal opinions in labor, union and social security matters

  • Preparation of labor documents in general, such as hiring instruments, collective agreements, internal policies, bonus / variable remuneration and benefits programs, stock option plans, preparation of internal regulations and conduct manuals, profit sharing or results

  • Advice on practices to avoid complaints involving allegations of harassment / moral damage

  • Due diligence involving operations in Brazil and transnationals

  • Consultancy on immigration issues involving hiring foreigners to work in Brazil and Brazilians hired for activities abroad (Expatriates)

  • Conducting workshops and seminars on relevant topics with impacts on work relationships

  • Structuring / realization of all strategy for union negotiations, with participation in round tables and conciliation commissions, including the elaboration or review of collective labor agreements and advice in union assemblies and strike procedures

  • Representation of societies and union entities in collective bargaining agreements

  • Outsourcing services and hiring suppliers and independent representatives

  • Hiring and dismissal of employees and executives

  • Review of internal company policies

  • Valuation of labor liabilities


Labor Litigation


  • Representation of clients involved in labor disputes in all instances and locations, as well as advising clients in pre-litigious scenarios to avoid labor claims

    Personalized assistance in all labor courts in Brazil

  • Preparation of reports and feeding of the internal systems of the clients, in order to enable the monitoring, evaluation and management of labor liabilities

  • Preparation of administrative defenses in labor and occupational safety matters

  • Performance with a dedicated team for special processes and initiated by the Public Labor Ministry (MPT) and other strategic cases