Quem somos
advogados franco-brasileiros

The GTLawyers Corporate Law, M&A and Contracts area advises Brazilian and foreign clients in their operations in Brazil. Our professionals are trained to work in multidisciplinary teams and develop their creativity and negotiation skills in applying the law to each subject, always with a business vision.

Among the activities in the area, the following stand out:

  • Structuring and constitution of business companies, associations and foundations;

  • Structuring of corporate transactions involving transactions with companies, groups and foreign investors;

  • Assistance in acquisitions and corporate reorganizations, including carrying out legal due diligence: buying and selling companies and transferring assets, mergers, spin-offs and mergers, forming joint ventures and holding companies;

  • Carrying out tax planning aimed at optimizing investments in Brazilian companies or projects with rigor and safety, as well as intercompany operations, from a short, medium and long term perspective;

  • Outsourcing of internal management of contracts and corporate acts, with preparation, review and negotiation of commercial contracts of high and low complexity, preparation of corporate acts and preventive consultancy;

  • Advice on corporate matters in general, conduct guidelines and participation in general meetings, meetings of partners, management and councils;

  • Coordination and realization of records with the Central Bank of Brazil, including long-term investments and records of financial operations.