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Lawyers from GT Lawyers have a solid experience in the areas of Compliance and Protection of Personal Data, including in advising their clients during the process of adequacy of their operations to the requirements of the Brazilian laws, as well as in the compliance level of their clients and/or partners’ internal rules and policies.

 Thus, while always seeking to innovate to better serve our clients, our professionals aim to respond to the demands and needs of our clients in a legally secure and customized manner and, according to each situation and business area. ​​    

Among the activities of the Compliance sector, we may highlight the creation and maintenance of an Integrity Program with the performance of the following activities among other :

  • Risk mapping of the client's activities and needs;

  •      Creation of codes of conduct, policies and guidelines, or even the tropicalization and adjustment to the Brazilian legislation of policies and documents already existing in the headquarters outside Brazil;

  • Review and adjustment of contracts to include anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and other clauses as may be necessary;

  • Legal assistance for the trainings and qualifications of employees, partners and service providers;

  •     Monitoring the various sectors of the company in order to verify the effective implementation of the Integrity Program.

Among the activities in Personal Data Protection, we may highlight the creation or maintenance of a Personal Data Protection and Privacy Program in compliance with the General Law of Data Protection - GLDP (or tropicalization of an existing Program, if the headquarters outside Brazil has already implemented one) through:

  •  Mapping of each area/sector of the client’s company in order to verify the data processed and understand the risks and gaps;

  •  Preparing a Diagnostic Report on the data processing of each area of the client's company, including also legal guidance on risk mitigation and on the documents to be prepared and/or revised;

  •  Preparation/review and implementation of a code of conduct, privacy policies, terms of use, consent forms, model impact reports, guidelines for data subject services, data security incident response plans and other required documents;

  • Review and adjustment of contracts to include privacy and data protection clauses with operator/controller obligations and responsibilities;

  • Legal assistance in training employees on the documents prepared for compliance with the LGPD and its effective implementation in the company, in order to safeguard the privacy and protection of data at all levels of treatment.

GT Lawyers also prepares legal opinions, specifically on matters related to the protection of personal data and the adequacy of the legal basis, including, but not limited to: (i) adequacy of legal grounds for data processing by the company; (ii) cases of personal data security incident; and/or (iii) meeting the rights of data subjects.