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advogados franco-brasileiros
advogados franco-brasileiros

Our team of experts with long experience acts in several types of consulting services and sponsorship of administrative litigation in Mining Law under the Constitutional, Administrative and Regulatory aspects, providing the necessary basis to advise our clients in a variety of mining operations and ventures. .

Among the advisory services, we highlight assistance in a wide variety of activities, such as:



  • Responses to consultations, preparation of legal opinions and technical notes on abstract or concrete issues related to Mining Law, and corresponding use of mineral resources in all admitted exploration regimes;

  • Audits (due diligence) to verify the regularity of projects destined to the use of mineral resources, for the purpose of preparing reports on the situation of the rights and obligations involved, and assistance in eventual negotiations;

  • Analysis by the National Mining Agency - ANM and the Ministry of Mines and Energy - MME of administrative mining processes of projects destined to the use of mineral resources, for purposes of verifying their legal situation and acting to regularize any irregularities;

  • Sponsorship of administrative defenses and resources, as a result of infraction notices drawn up by the National Mining Agency: administrative procedures aimed at declaring the mining title to lapse, denial of the application for exploration authorization or mining concession, annulment, decay or revocation mining title, denial of consent to the assignment of rights and blocking of the area;

  • Advice and preparation of the legal instruments necessary to negotiate contracts for the acquisition, assignment and transfer of mining rights and lease of deposits;

  • Sponsorship of civil inquiries initiated within the scope of the Federal or State Prosecutor's Office, including the representation of clients in public civil actions and other procedures and in eventual negotiation of conduct adjustments.