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advogados franco-brasileiros



In an increasingly competitive and complex economic environment, we offer our clients creative and global solutions, combining the quality and personalized service of a boutique office with the expertise of a full service office.


In this sense, we act as true partners of the client, from the structuring of the project in Brazil, through the implementation of the proposed structure (tax optimization, corporate strategy, definition of corporate governance, risk assessment, etc.) until day-to-day management of aspects the operation.

advogados franco-brasileiros

R. Bandeira Paulista, 275 - 1º e 4°andares

04532 010 - Itaim Bibi

São Paulo - SP

Rua Ataulfo de Paiva, 135 - Suite 410

22440 901- Leblon 

Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Av. Olinda 960, Ed. Lozandes Tower 01, Sala 1212-B

74884 120 - Parque Lozandes

Goiânia - GO

Rua Paraíba, 550 – 8º e 9º andares – Cjs. 800 e 900 

30130 140 - Savassi

Belo Horizonte - MG

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+55 11 3504 7600