Quem somos
advogados franco-brasileiros

Our team of experts with long experience acts in diverse consultancy services (including audits) and administrative and judicial litigation in environmental law.

Among the services provided we highlight:

  • Responses to consultations, preparation of legal opinions or technical notes on abstract or concrete issues related to Environmental Law;

  • Audits (due diligence) to determine the regularity of the project and prepare reports on the legal situation of the assets, rights and obligations involved, with the regulatory agencies, judiciary, public prosecutor or public entities;

  • Analysis and advice for the formation of administrative processes related to the licensing of enterprises or activities destined to the use of natural or related resources;

  • Monitoring by the municipal and state environmental agencies, the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources - IBAMA and the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation - ICMBio, of administrative processes for environmental licensing, grants, authorizations, registrations and others of interest to the company with the competent environmental agencies;

  • Elaboration of administrative defenses and appeals filed due to fines and other penalties resulting from infraction notices drawn up by federal, state or municipal environmental agencies, as well as aiming at discharging activities and removing other precautionary or punitive measures imposed by oversight;

  • Preparation of drafts of legal instruments requested by the company, related to the use of natural resources (TAC - Conduct Adjustment Terms and / or Commitment Terms)

  • Sponsorship of civil inquiries initiated under the Federal or State Public Prosecutor's Office and representation of clients in public civil actions and other procedures related to Environmental Law.