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advogados franco-brasileiros


Our team has solid experience in arbitration proceedings, highly complex legal proceedings and the amount involved, as well as administrative procedures.

The civil litigation area is focused on serving national and foreign companies, with professionals who value excellence in technical work. We operate in several market and industry branches, with clients in the most varied sectors of activity, which guarantees us experience in demands involving commercial disputes, consumer law, corporate disputes, the most diverse real estate issues, environmental matters, judicial recovery and bankruptcy, general collection and civil liability.

We have extensive experience in lawsuits involving automobile law, whether in situations involving consumers versus manufacturers and/or dealers, or, especially, in lawsuits under the aegis of the Ferrari Law (Law 6,729/79) concerning discussions between automakers and dealers - in this case with the obtaining of court/arbitral decisions regarded as paradigms for such situations.


Our team also prepares consultations and legal opinions on civil matters, with a focus on avoiding new legal liabilities, in addition to seeking to serve our clients' businesses. Similarly, we advise our clients in negotiations and in the pre-litigation phase, offering alternatives to prevent administrative and/or judicial actions.